Wholesale Customer Policy

Welcome, as suppliers of imported products, our mission is to excel with outstanding customer service as we provide an extraordinary selection of quality imported and domestic product to ensure the vitality of our heritage.       

Through teamwork, positive attitudes and communication, we are dedicated to honest and respectful relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and the greater community.

We are striving to improve our ability to meet our customer’s needs through progressive innovation. To this end, we have developed the following polices concerning our relationship with our customers. These policies will be in effect February 1, 2010.
When to Order:
You will be given a color-coded schedule outlining your sales call and delivery weeks. Your delivery day will be in the week following placement of your order. Thursdays will be our general day of delivery. If you normally fax in your order or were not available when we came for a sales call, please place your order before Tuesday 12 p.m. in the week of your scheduled delivery.
Order Quantities:
*The minimum order quantity for any one regular priced item is 1 case. We reserve the right to sell selected items by ½ cases.
*The minimum order quantity for any monthly sale items is one full case. If ordering less than one full case, regular prices will be applied.
*All special orders (Non stock items, ordered in by customer request) will be subject to a $20.00 per case non-refundable deposit, before the order is placed. When the product arrives, your deposit will be credited to the invoice.

Specials and Sales:
Sales: Unless otherwise stated, our sale prices are valid from 1st of the month-to-month end of the same month.
Specials: Inventory Clearance Specials are on limited quantities and are available until sales exceed stock.

Our imported products are subject to price changes at anytime depending on manufacture's increase or decrease, exchange rates and duty fees.

Restocking Charges:
A 15% Restocking fee will be charged on standard product returned.

Minimum Invoice:
There is no minimum dollar value for an order. However, for orders less than $300, we reserve the right to deliver at our convenience and there will be a $15.00 delivery charge.
Delivery Fees
Regular scheduled orders delivered with our vehicle and are greater than $300.00 will not be subject to a delivery charge. 
Cost which is incurred with a special urgent orders or irregular shipment with a shipping company will be charged as a shipping charge.
Orders outside our delivery area via our cube van will be subject to the charge given to us by the shipping company. 
M&O Freight, Erb, UPS, Fed Ex and Canada Post are our choices for shipping and will be our discretion.
Changes or Additions:
In order for The Dutch Market to operate more effectively which will benefit you our customer, we ask that Changes or Additions to your order be made prior to Tuesday 12 p.m. of the week your delivery is scheduled.
Please use your reference order form listing the product code in order to help us complete your order accurately.
Credits, Returns and Back Orders:
 Problems with your invoice should be brought to our attention within 48 hours of delivery.
 If your order has been short shipped, an error in pricing, product with unsatisfactory dates or damaged goods has occurred a credit memo will be issued.
Please refrain from deducting a credit from your invoice. We will issue a credit memo upon approval. This will help us balance our books better and create less confusion between both parties.
* Products that may be returned are products that arrive damaged, torn, ripped, cut, dented, crushed or moldy due to our neglect.
* Products that may be returned are products that arrive with expired date or products with dates that expire within 60 days if notified within 48 hrs. If the outdated product has been discussed during the sales call or via the phone where a discount has been given it is then your responsibility to sell this product.
* It is our responsibility to give you our customer, product with the best long-term date as deemed possible according to our stock rotation. It is your responsibility to do your best to sell this product before the due date has expired. Therefore we will not accept returns past the best before date if unreasonable.
The product must be returned to us, through our driver or during a sales call, prior to credit being issued. The product should not be disposed of unless our staff directs you to.
Back Orders:
 If a product is out of stock at the time of your order, a zero (0) will appear in the shipped column. A back order will not be generated. We recommend that you re-order the product at your next sales call, on your next order or speak to our staff about its availability.
* New Customers must pay C.O.D. until they are approved for a credit limit.
* Please make cheques payable to The Dutch Market Ltd. 6 Indian Creek Rd E., Chatham, Ontario, N7M 4H1
* Payment by Visa, MasterCard, & AMEX will be accepted. 
 * All goods remain our property until paid in full.
 Discounts will be shown on the invoice in the discount column or in the discount total on your invoice.
Overdue Charges:
 Interest of 2% Per Month will be charged on all overdue accounts.
Overdue Accounts:
 All accounts with unpaid invoices 30 days from delivery date will not receive product until account is current.
 Repeated Overdue Accounts will be expected to pay any new orders on a Cash On Delivery basis until reapproved.
Will be mailed out the beginning of each month to confirm the amount outstanding. Please review the outstanding amounts to confirm the accuracy of this amount. Service charges will be applied at this time if warranted.
NSF Cheques:
Cheques returned because of insufficient funds will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee. The amount of the NSF cheque and the twenty-five-dollar fee must be paid within seven (7) days. Two (2) NSF cheques in any 12-month period will result in future orders to be paid by cash or certified cheque only.
*If you have a problem with payment due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact Charlie to discuss alternate payment arrangements.