Fundraising Made Easy with Jennard Cheese

Dear Fund Raiser:

Jennard Cheese, a division of the Dutch Market Ltd., offers an exciting program featuring quality products and cheese from a variety of suppliers. If you wish more informaiton about this exciting program or if you have any questions please contact Cyndi at 1-866-355-1351, or by email at


  1. You will make 30% on your total sales for your organization.
  2. We offer you a selection of cheese products (in various flavours and sizes), delicious mild pepperettes as well

as 5 gift boxes to sell to your customers.

  1. Payment is requested at the time of delivery unless other arrangements are made.
  2. Minimum order of $1000 for free shipping.



We will strive to accommodate your needs. Please follow the procedures and guidelines listed below:

  • You may continue to add cheese for your organization as orders come in, until the specified due date.
  • Once all order forms have been collected, place your final order either online (via our website,, or by phone, fax, or email.
  • Allow a minimum of 10 business days from the date that you place the order to the shipping date.
  • Please confirm delivery date before starting your program.
  • To ensure efficient and safe delivery of your order, we recommend that arrangements be made to have someone available at the location of the delivery.
  • When the order is received:
  • A signature of confirmation for goods & payment is required at time of delivery.
  • Please count the number of pieces of each size and variety of product before sorting and packing the individual orders, and then verify the number against the invoice.
  • Report any shipping errors or shortages immediately.


To assist in running a successful Fund Raising Campaign, Jennard Cheese (Division of the Dutch Market) will supply the following. Please call (1-866-355-1351) or email ( ) to place your order for the required quantity of flyers and order forms.  

  • Coloured flyers 
  • Two different cheese campaign order forms:   

             1) One order per sheet.      2) Five different orders per sheet         

  • MASTER order form - you may fax, email or call in your orders.
  • Dutch campaign order form


If you have any further inquiries, or would like to speak with us directly, please don’t hesitate to call. Thank you for your consideration and allowing Jennard Cheese to be part of your Fund Raising Program.

The Dutch Market Team